Tens of thousands of dollars in grants are probably available to you

From optimal use of programs to meeting insurance needs for parents of dependent children, Finandicap covers all the aspects that matter to the financial future of those around you. The RDSP is part of this approach and is often at the heart of it.

We know everyday life isn’t easy for a disabled person. It shouldn’t be the same when it comes to their finance.

Each person is unique. This is why our advisors can meet you virtually while you are in the comfort of your home to prepare for your future or that of a disabled person in your family. Contact us for a first consultation without obligation on your part.

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

Finandicap is your RDSP specialist in Canada.
The RDSP allows a disabled loved one to aspire to financial independence and it provides peace of mind for the whole family.

Insurance and financial security

Your finances shouldn’t be a source of worry in the event of a health problem or death. We offer you financial advice adapted to your reality to help you see more clearly in your decisions.

Savings and financial planning

A disability should not jeopardize the health of your finances or that of your loved ones. We offer you financial advice adapted to your reality, to help you see more clearly in your decisions.


Not all mortgages are the same!

At Finandicap, we refer you to a mortgage broker who knows your reality to ensure that you understand these different characteristics and that you have exactly the product that meets your needs.

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