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The RDSP is a program from a federal law that allows a subscriber under 49 years of age to receive up to $70,000 in grants. Also, it gives access to the Canada Disability Savings Bond which is an annual grant of $1,000 for low income persons, up to $20,000 over your lifetime without having to contribute.

The RDSP: it’s yours!

All RDSP aren't the same, it is possible to transfer from one institution to another in order to have the RDSP that fits YOUR needs.

Our expertise

Finandicap is your RDSP specialist in the province of Quebec. The RDSP allows a disabled close one to aspire to financial independence and ensure peace of mind for the whole family.

Our tailored approach will help you make the most out of what the RDSP has to offer.

Your benefits

•Tax-free subsidized saving

•Savings exempted from the social solidarity benefits calculations

•Advantageous way to pass down a legacy to a disabled close one

My advisor suggested a RDSP for my son. He also explained to me how the effect of grants would make a big difference for my son’s financial future.

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